There’s a “Harry Potter”-themed restaurant opening in London this summer, but here’s the catch

London is the place to be for themed eateries, it seems, because they just outdid themselves again.

Get ready, witches and wizards, because there’s a Harry Potter restaurant coming our way.

And it’s everything your Great Hall-loving heart could ever desire.

Even the mouths of the pickiest eaters (we’re looking at you, Fleur Delacour) will water at the seven-course menu being offered by Covent Garden members’ club The Library. For starters, you’re served a Butterbeer or Firewhiskey right when you arrive on Platform 9¾. It’s like they already know us.

While dressed in your best Hogwarts house attire (which they completely encourage), you then receive an amuse bouche: an edible Hogwarts letter consisting of rice paper, pepper, parsley, and squid ink.

The rest of the meal makes us too emotional to describe in detail but you can check it out here. Each course is named for a different item in Harry Potter, like Devil’s Snare, A Hatstall, and Honeydukes.

Sadly, there’s a catch for anyone who can’t Apparate to London within the next couple of months. The dinner series is only offered on Friday and Saturday nights throughout August and September.

The good news? September 1st, 2017 — aka the exact day the “Nineteen Years Later” epilogue takes place in the book — is a Friday, which means that party is going to be lit faster than you can say Lumos.

Cost is £55 per head for members of the club and £75 for non-members. WORTH IT. And there are vegetarian options for those non-meat-eaters, too!

As of publication, the event is sold out, but keep an Extendable Ear on The Library’s website in case more tickets become available.

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