The latest ‘Harry Potter’ realization might just give you chills

Just when you think you’ve picked apart every tiny little detail of the Harry Potter movies, something else comes along and blows you away. Sure, you might have already watched the movies a million and one times at this point, but let’s do one more viewing, specifically the Battle of Hogwarts during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It’s a crazy scene, that only gets more intense as Harry, Ron, and Hermione rush into the middle of the fight. But now, let’s take even an even closer look at this scene. Hold on to your hats and robes.

Tumblr user ravenclaw-enfp happened to notice something during one of her last Deathly Hollow viewings. As she writes, “Harry, Ron and Hermione are just running around doing [stuff]. Until now, I thought it was rather pointless and that they just took it in the movie to add some action.” But then, it hits her exactly what they’re battling – it’s everything magical this trio has fought over the movies (and books), in order, now just on a much larger scale.

Don’t believe it? Check out the clip from Deathly Hollows. First they come up against a giant troll-like creature. Then, they’re chased by spiders and come across a werewolf. Following that, it’s time to face some dementors.

Or, the troll in the dungeon during Sorcerer’s Stone, all those spiders from Chamber of Secrets in the Forbidden Forest, Lupin’s werewolf and the dementors chasing Sirius Black from Prisoner of Azakaban. And finally during this battle, they come up against the Half-Blood Prince. Just like the progression of the movies. As ravenclaw-enfp writes, “IT SHOWS HOW MUCH THEY HAVE BEEN THROUGH AND HOW MUCH THEY HAVE GROWN.”

She’s yelling because her mind has been blown. My mind has been blown. Is your mind blown? This is the best HP realization we’ve come across in a while, and it’s all true! Ten points to Ravenclaw.

(Image via Warner Bros.)

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