Harry Potter producers knew they had their cast in this one moment and it’s magical

If you’ve read the books and watched the movies, you know Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and the rest of the Harry Potter stars were perfectly cast in their roles. Sure, maybe the physical descriptions weren’t always a 100% exact match, but their spirits are spot on.

After all, who can forget that story Rupert Grint confirmed about writing essays in character?

You know, the one where Emma Watson turned in 16 pages, Daniel Radcliffe wrote one page, and Rupert Grint skipped the assignment entirely? Just try and tell us that’s not true to form.

There are Reddit threads dedicated to discussing which Harry Potter movie actor best captured their role. Hypable could only come up with five characters they thought the films didn’t nail.

The whole Potter cast is so amazing that they seem almost like they were created by J.K. Rowling herself.

But the truth is, HP producers had a hard time deciding on the actors. Years later, casting director Janet Hirshenson revealed to The Huffington Post the real reason they knew Daniel Radcliffe was Harry. And the magical moment that confirmed it all.

When it came time to narrow down their choices for the roles, they looked at Daniel and knew he was the one.

"The other kid was terrific and very vulnerable and very Harry-looking, but besides that, Harry was going to become a very powerful kid, too. And Daniel had both sides. He was very vulnerable, but the other kid ― it was like, he [was] not going to have the balls that Daniel has, to put it that way."

When they got Daniel, Rupert, and Emma together to give them the good news, one simple interaction sealed the deal.

“After we chose, they pulled the three of them up to Chris’s office, not telling them they got the part, but they were standing there, the three of them, looking at each other, probably figuring, ‘I think we may be it.’ So they told them they had it. ‘Yay, yay, yay,’ and then they started chattering amongst themselves because they hadn’t known each other very much. Emma asked Daniel if he liked the books and he said, ‘Yeah, I like WWF better, and she did a harumph or some Hermione thing that was so perfect, just as herself. ‘[Gasp] WWF!’ And we just all were like, ‘Whoa, this is them.’”

How perfect is that? Right from the beginning, Dan, Emma and Rupert were Harry, Hermione and Ron. And, to us, they always will be.

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