Wands at the ready, Pottermore’s “Harry Potter” book club begins *today*

If you’re still searching for that perfect summer read, look no further than a dear, old friend. As we reported earlier this year, Pottermore is launching a Harry Potter book club, and it begins now. There’s going to be a lot of Chocolate Frogs and trips to the Forbidden Forest in your future.

The Wizarding World Book Club is here to join together Harry Potter fans all over the world, whether you’ve read the books all the way through once or 15 times.

“We have launched the Wizarding World Book Club in response to a strong demand from our community for a destination to discuss the many nuances and themes of the books Henriette Stuart-Reckling, the Global Digital Director of Pottermore explained in a press release. “The Wizarding World Book Club provides an exciting opportunity for Harry Potter fans to share their thoughts about key scenes, plot points, motivations and characters from the series with a vast global community.

The first book up is, naturally, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or, Sorcerer’s Stone, your choice), and once that year at Hogwarts is over, it’s on to Chamber of Secrets, and then Prisoner of Azkaban, and so on until we’re 19 years later.

Along with reading, the Wizarding World Book Club Twitter account, @wwbookclub, will host discussions every Friday at 4 p.m. BST, beginning on June 23rd. If you’re looking to pull a Hermione and get ahead on your book club studying, Pottermore has released the first few weekly topics:

⚡️ Week 1: Welcome to the Wizarding World Book Club: How did you discover the Harry Potter stories?
⚡️ Week 2: Magic and the Muggle World: Is the wizarding world as well-hidden as it likes to believe? Why are the Dursleys so afraid of magic?
⚡️ Week 3: First Impressions: What are Harry and Draco’s similarities?  What first makes Harry believe he is a wizard?
⚡️ Week 4: Education: Is rebellion a good or bad thing at Hogwarts? Who learns the most from the troll in the dungeon incident?
⚡️ Week 5: Friendship: Which friend has shown Harry the most loyalty so far?  Do you agree with Hermione’s belief that friendship and bravery are more important than books and cleverness?

The fun is starting right now over at Pottermore. So grab your books, grab your wand, snuggle up with your Hogwarts-approved-pet and happy reading.

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