This ‘Harry Potter’ poster is seriously blowing our minds

Here at HelloGiggles, we feel no shame about our major HP obsession — as you might be able to tell. We’ve swooned over pop-out illustrated Harry Potter books, coveted magical HP thesis covers, and (figuratively) drooled on the recently-released images from the new, illustrated HP series. And now, we find ourselves going crazy for this fan-made poster. Because, guys, it’s incredible, and needs to be available for purchase like yesterday.

The poster, which just looks like a gigantic image of Harry, Ron, and Hermione from afar, is actually comprised of 106 pages worth of words (hand-written!) from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. According to A Plus, it took Imgur user BananaCatForScaleTax 80 hours to complete the art project. Totally worth it though, because the end result is EPIC.

Up close, the poster just looks like words:

But behold, BananaCatForScaleTax designed the blank spaces to create images of HP characters. Here’s Hermione (the eyebrows are a giveaway):

Here’s what the completed project looks like:

Although this poster is not for sale (YET), you too can get a Harry Potter poster made of words from the actual book from Spineless Classics:

And if your ardor for posters made of text refuses to stop here, you can check out PosterText — they have a bunch of different books to choose from (sadly, no HP), like Life of Pi, Alice in Wonderland, Great Gatsby, and more.

(Images via Imgur, Spineless Classics)

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