We MUST GET to this incredible “Harry Potter” pop-up store

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter movies (um, who isn’t?), you’ve probably noticed that the world is wonderfully detailed, right down to every sign, map, newspaper, and storefront. Those intricate elements are the vision of graphic designers, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, who met back in 2001 on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

They became great friends and collaborators, and we’re proud to announce that these two designers now have their own pop-up shop in London! It’s called House of MinaLima, and it includes exclusive Harry Potter art prints and awesome HP stationery.

Of course, the exterior of House of MinaLima is cute-as-a-button.

And the floor is Marauder’s Map (if you need a refresher, that’s the magical map of Hogwarts that shows what everyone on the grounds is doing, and who they really are. Also, secret passages!).

Everything inside looks like we need to go visit immediately.

If you live in London, score! If not, a quick trip, perhaps? But if you CAN’T get there in person, the e-shop has a lot to offer. It’s not all Harry Potter themed; there’s some Peter Pan and The Jungle Book artwork, as well as MinaLima’s own mid 20th century collection of prints, stationery, and books.

This design team are prolific, with their most recent credit being Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (and before that, The Legend of Tarzan, and before that, The Imitation Game). We’re grateful for their contribution to film, and for House of MinaLima fulfilling our innermost Harry Potter dreams!

Where is a thestral when we need one? Or a Firebolt? Heck, we’ll even take an unregulated Axminster flying carpet. Just get us to London as fast as possible!

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