J.K. Rowling just cleared up a *tiny* “Harry Potter”/”Fantastic Beasts” plot hole

Best-selling author, JK Rowling, just cleared up a Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts plot hole so we can all breathe (finally). After a Twitter quiz December 21st where a fan referred to a possible snafu, Rowling explained the logic with ease. The plot hole is said to involve Queenie’s mind-reading skills in the Fantastic Beasts film where she uses Legilmency — an art that allows her to poke around inside a victim’s thoughts.

The fan pointed out Severus Snape, in Order of the Phoenix, used an eerily similar skill to get inside the minds of others.

Dumbledore even claims Snape’s abilities with Legilmens to be highly skilled, therefore requesting his help to close Harry’s mind (the art of Occlumeny) so Lord Voldemort wouldn’t be able to get inside his psyche. Still following? So where’s the plot hole exactly?

Well, Snape states “mind isn’t a book to read at leisure” in Order of the Phoenix but in in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it seems Queenie has absolutely no problem tapping into the mind of others. What gives?

Of course, Rowling responded on Twitter to give us all clarity and insight into how the story unfolded in her brilliant head:

When it’s put like that, it makes a lot more sense, and Rowling did pen the script for Fantastic Beasts, the prequel to the Harry Potter franchise. With how incredibly detailed and well-written the Harry Potter series is, it’s no wonder there’s a need for four other movies to tell the Fantastic Beasts narratives.

Oh, we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve next! Whatever it is, it’s going to be magical!

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