Only ONE THING went wrong during the first performance of the “Harry Potter” play, and it was kinda funny

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child started their official previews last night, and I PROMISE THERE ARE NO SPOILERS FOR IT IN HERE. PROMISE. #KEEPTHESECRETS. YOU CAN KEEP READING.

Okay, so the first performance is in the bag, and the reviews from the show have been glowing. Those who have seen the play with their own eyes love it, and aren’t discussing it (yet), but they are talking about one thing that happened during its first performance ever. It’s kinda a funny thing. Maybe it’s a tiny little spoiler, but come on, did you really expect there to be a Harry Potter play WITHOUT the use of live owls?

According to those in the theater for the first show, during one scene, there are owls. Maybe one, maybe a couple, it’s not clear. Letters have to be delivered somehow, you know. While these owls are no doubt trained stage owls, they were clearly so excited for their big West End debut that they flew out into the theater…and never came back. false false false false

Hopefully this owl runs through all their cues and marks again, and stop trying to (adorably) steal the show.

And if this escaped owl sounds like one you want to take home with you, YOU CAN. You can buy a stuffed owl, a la Hedwig (RIP WE LOVE YOU) in the Harry Potter Play gift shop. Because of course you can. false

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