Husband throws wife ‘Harry Potter’ themed birthday party, wins Best Husband award

We’re going to need some floo powder and a time-turner because we desperately want to attend Amanda Kundert’s spellbinding Harry Potter-themed birthday party.

A few years ago, Amanda went on a camping trip with her husband Corey and needed something to read. So, she obviously decided that it was perfect time to start reading the Harry Potter series – especially since the Quidditch World Cup Campsite can serve as the ultimate camping inspiration.

Instantly, Amanda was hooked and became a devoted fan. Corey, on the other hand, hasn’t read the books, but that didn’t stop him when he decided to surprise his wife on her 26th birthday with a Harry Potter party.

The surprise began when Corey gave Amanda a handmade Elder Wand and ALL the Harry Potter DVDs. “I thought crying from gratitude in the middle of a packed coffee shop as I clutched a fake wand would have been the most memorable thing to happen on my 26th birthday,” she told BuzzFeed. “I was wrong.”

When they got home, Amanda noticed that their front door had been transformed into Platform 9¾. Then, after crossing this threshold, the 26-year-old entered a magical world. In it was a Mandrake cake made of chocolate pudding and cookie crumbs (this sounds DELICIOUS, BTW). Instead of an actual Mandrake and a pair of protective earmuffs, there was half a Barbie doll with dyed green hair (which, we have to admit, is a spot-on replacement).

There were also floating Hedwig balloons and letters, which contained top-notch Harry Potter pick-up lines.

To accompany these perfect decorations, there were Dark Mark tattoos, a birthday cake that looks as though it was made by Hagrid himself, wands for all of the guests, a Veritas potion, and treats that genuinely belong in Honeydukes. Oh! And Corey even took the time to make Sirius Black-esque signs with Amanda’s face on them! (If that isn’t true love, then we honestly don’t know what is.)

“I swear, I must’ve accidentally sipped some Felix Felicis sometime in my life,” proclaimed Amanda, referring to the Liquid Luck potion. “This guy is just unreal.” We 100% agree with you. But really, if you have any of that potion left, please let us know.

We’ve never used this hashtag before, but – thanks to Corey and Amanda – we’re definitely going to start saying: #birthdaypartygoals

[Images via Twitter]

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