Hogwarts house robe onesies now exist, and just take all my Galleons

It’s that time of year again — back to school time! And while, sure, you’ve got the usual notebooks and book bags, along with your regulation cauldron and a standard issue cloak, something that isn’t on the Hogwarts shopping list, but really should be, is finally here. Get out your Galleons, Harry Potter fans, because Hogwarts house onesies now exist.

Just imagine all the places you can wear these: Sitting by the common room fire, cheering on your House at the Quidditch field, cozying up in the library with your favorite book, to History of Magic because that class is so boring but at least you’ll be comfy, out on a Forbidden Forest run, out on a Target run…the world is your oyster while wearing a Hogwarts onesie.


The onesies, currently available right now over on ThinkGeek, are a one-piece, full zip-up pajama suit. There are also POCKETS in case you need to quickly store your time-turner. The House crest and colors adorn the front, while the HOOD on the onesie is pointed, like you’re wearing the sorting hat. As for the sleeves, they’re oversized, so you’ll really feel like you’re wearing a cape. You’ll literally never want to take it off, and honestly, you should’t.

There is one tiny drawback to these magnificent things, and currently, you can only snag Gryffindor and Slytherin onesies. It’s conceivable that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw will be available at a later date and hopefully they are, as there is no shame in being a ‘Puff.

You can snag the Gryffindor one right here, and Slytherin right here. Have fun being the MOST comfy while defeating the Dark Lord and/or homework.