Harry Potter spent the day as an office receptionist and things got weird

What would you do if you happened to come across Daniel Radcliffe IRL? Me, I’d probably refuse to believe it was a real-life situation, but take a few awkward, covert pictures anyway. Others might experience joy and tears, because this is Harry Potter in the flesh we’re talking about.  For NYLON magazine, this situation really did happen IRL, when Radcliffe stopped by their offices. They decided to put him to work as their receptionist, because why not? He sat at the front desk for an hour, and let’s just say that Radcliffe shouldn’t give up his day job just yet.

NYLON staffers weren’t told that Radcliffe would be sitting at the desk, and for a good while he goes unnoticed. Then a few start to figure out who he is, and obligatory selfies happen, of course (and yes, tears of joy). But, this is still a company, remember, so people are going to need things sent out, things picked up, and phone calls transferred. Just because Radcliffe plays a wizard in the movies doesn’t mean he can figure out how to dial someone’s extension.

Thankfully, Radcliffe’s Day One on the job is captured all on video. At one point, he jokes that being a receptionist is “already proving to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” and that’s including that one time he defeated Voldemort. Someone asks for stamps, and Radcliffe adorably struggles to find them before he suggests that, “you might want to come back when somebody more experienced is working here.”

You’ve got to watch the whole video below. Spoiler: there’s a surprise guest who shows up for a meeting. It seems that Radcliffe recognizes him, but he doesn’t recognize Radcliffe, and it’s just TOO GOOD. And maybe staged. But whatever, we love it anyway.

(Image via NYLON)


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