This video of the 20 best “Harry Potter” quotes is guaranteed to make you cry

Despite years of rejection, on June 26th, 1997, a little book about a magical orphan was released…and the rest is now history. It’s been 20 years since fans were first introduced to the wizarding world in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, but the timelessness of the story has kept it forever relevant, and new fans are introduced daily.

It’s a sentimental day for Rowling, Bloomsbury (the publishing company finally willing to take a chance on the book), and fans, many of whom grew up reading the series. To mark the occasion, Bloomsbury released an adorable video marking 20 of the most memorable moments from the series.

Warning: you’ll probably need some tissues.

*Accio five boxes of tissues*

Ask any Harry Potter fan what the most memorable moment is to them and chances are, they’ll have at least a dozen or two, so we’re incredibly impressed that Bloomsbury was able to narrow it down to 20. The video features some of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking moments of the entire series, ranging from when Hagrid tells Harry he’s a wizard, to THAT moment with the resurrection stone in the Forbidden Forest.

Bloomsbury also gave a shoutout to the incredible portrayals of friendship and loyalty in the series — from Harry, Ron, and Hermione becoming friends after thwarting the troll in the dungeon, to Fred and George Weasley taking on evil Professor Umbridge and encouraging Peeves to “give hell from us.” And the moment Harry realized he had a mom in Molly Weasley.

Finally, if there was one thing we could always count on in a Harry Potter book, it was a Dumbledore quote to provide us with the wisdom we still rely on to get us through a tough time. Happy 20th Birthday, Harry Potter. To celebrate, we’re going to reread the entire series (duh).

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