13 “Harry Potter” manicures that are pure magic

Get ready to accio nail polish because these Harry Potter manicures are the most magical nail inspo on the internet.

The detail on this Hogwarts crest is unreal.

This unicorn blood manicure is a simple, subtle way to show off your Potter love.

NEED this Deathly Hallows accent nail.

That Gryffindor tie though. 

Subtly rep all the houses, no matter where you ~know~ you’d be sorted. 

Or REALLY rep all the houses. 

Pretty sure you have to dabble in the Dark Arts to perfect this black, white and silver masterpiece. 

Ten points to this manicure. 

Is it normal to tear up a little at nail art? 

Practically stupified gazing at this captivating Deathly Hallows pattern.

This is just adorable. 

A nail art interpretation of Harry and Voldemort’s battle. Yes. 

Minimalist Harry because of course. 

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