We NEED these “Harry Potter” makeup palettes to happen for real

As you probably know, there are a lot of Harry Potter-themed products out there, like these sweaters and this lampshade, and we’re ~huge~ fans. Now, there may be Harry Potter makeup palettes coming soon — at least we hope.

Redditor Spellsandstars created Harry Potter-esque makeup palettes and posted them on Reddit’s MakeUpAddiction, reported Brit + Co.


The results? Nothing short of fabulous.


Here’s one of Spellsandstars’s creations.


Aside from the palette itself, how clever are the feather quill makeup brushes?!

Let’s take a look at another one — if other characteristics and colors are more your thing.


Here’s the third one Spellsandstars posted.


And yet a fourth, because we just can’t get enough!


How did Spellsandstars create them?

“I created each of them, I just played around with colors on Photoshop! she said on Reddit.

Of course, we want the Harry Potter-themed makeup palettes for ourselves, and Redditors were doing the dirty work for us, trying to find out how they can make this happen, creating a long thread of messages with Spellsandstars and talking about everything from packaging details to copyright laws.

Let’s hope someone can cast a spell and make these happen IRL, STAT.


As Spellsandstars said on Reddit, “Baha I'm actually highly considering making one of these and having a go at working with pigments etc. If I do I will report back with results.

We’ll be waiting…

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