“Harry Potter” makeup brushes that look like Wizard Wands are coming

What do Harry Potter and the wizarding world of makeup have in common? Probably not a whole lot…at least until now.

Granted, a few beauty brands have ventured into Harry Potter-themed makeup territory. With that being said, if you’re going to do a makeup collab in honor of everyone’s favorite wizard, it has to have a smart angle, and a single product probably won’t suffice, unless someone wants to release a liquid liner that will help us all achieve the perfect lightning bolt-shaped scar on our foreheads for Halloween. (Patiently waiting, thanks.)

This connection actually makes perfect sense: Storybook Cosmetics announced they will be producing a range of “magic wands” for the face and they’re pretty genius.


So what are these exactly? Are they wands you can wave to achieve the perfect Instagram filter effect over your face IRL? Not quite. But they are wand-shaped brushes, which is so clever, we’d expect the idea to come from Hermione Granger herself.

This comes to us from Storybook Cosmetics and while they haven’t quite achieved liftoff yet, they should be available for purchase soon. The indie brand also has a Harry Potter-themed shadow set, cleverly called the Sorting Palette, in the works.


We don’t have an exact launch date or pricing information on the brushes yet, so your best bet is to check out the brand’s Instagram as often as you can. Once they’re live, act quickly—if they’re as magical as the look, these are bound to go fast.

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