There’s a Kickstarter to open a Harry Potter-themed pub that uses *real* magic

Attention, wizards! There may soon be a new watering hole — inspired by Harry Potter, and other magical sources — where you can hang out and escape Muggles. Okay, so Muggles are allowed, and we promise we’ll be cool. This new pub will make us all feel like wizards with its use of *real* magic, so we are seriously psyched and hopeful that it’ll become a reality.

The Cauldron Wizarding Pub & Inn will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to open a pub in London. And if they reach their stretch goal — it might even become an inn! As for the type of magic you can expect…

Check out this floating candle!!


And there will, obviously, be moving photos.


The pub will also use wands to control the lights and pour drinks, and have a wizard-themed food and drink menu with delicious items — just as they are described in your favorite magical books. Plus, there’s a wiki where fans can suggest ideas for the pub, and wizarding hackathons will be held in different cities to make the real magic happen.

Watch the full video below to see everything you can expect from this magical place:

The Kickstarter launches June 26th, and if all goes according to plan, the pub hopes to open in March 2018. Brb, we’ll see you all in London!

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