That Hogwarts letter you’ve been waiting on could finally be coming

Last April, a group of diehard Harry Potter fans held a College of Wizardry L.A.R.P. (live action role play) in a Polish castle called Zamek Czocha, which is the perfect name for a Polish castle. The L.A.R.P was basically, though not officially because of trademark laws, four days at Hogwarts. Participants got to take wizarding classes and wear robes and use wands – they pretty much lived the dreams of every eleven-year-old (and 25-year-old) waiting impatiently for a Hogwarts letter.

The L.A.R.P. was such a success that an American company called New World Magischola is holding a similar event in the United States next June. Holy pumpkin pasty! According to, which is a thing, the L.A.R.P. will last four days and three nights, but there is not information about the exact location, so don’t go sending your owls just yet.

Tickets will cost $375, but include everything except your robes and wand. There are going to be sortings, Great Hall dinners, and “a school formal in a ballroom with music.” WITH MUSIC. 80 tickets will be available at the start of November when the company launches a Kickstarter, but there is a catch.

There are only 160 spots available. Total.

This might be the closest any of us get to going to Hogwarts, I mean Wizard College. If you’re not already jumping like a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean, check out this description of the event from the L.A.R.P. website.

I’ve never been so excited at the prospect of schoolwork in my whole life. Come on, November, get here faster so I can send in my application.

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