Time to rebuy the entire ‘Harry Potter’ series because now there are house-themed covers

You may not have ever worn the Sorting Hat (or, at least, not the real one), but chances are, you still know which Hogwarts house you belong in. Whether you’ve taken the official quiz on Pottermore or just know your Hogwarts home through pure intuition, if you’re a fan of the Harry Potter books or movies, you know if you’re a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff. You also probably know which house all of your friends belong in, too (even the ones who think they’re Gryffindors, but who are actually Hufflepuffs or the ones who wear Ravenclaw blue when secretly you know they’d do great things in Slytherin).

Well, get ready to populate all of your holiday shopping and wish lists because Juniper Books just released four new custom Harry Potter sets, one themed for each house. The sets are gorgeous, and (sadly for those of us shopping on a strict budget) the price tag reflects just how beautiful they are; each set will run you a whopping $275. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t put it on your wish list or start a GoFundMe page for your friends to pool money to go in on it for you together for the holidays. Hey, if just 25 friends each put in $11, you’re set.

Here’s a closer look at the amazing collections.

The Gryffindor set comes in a gorgeous red and gold (naturally), and features an impressively intricate design. How wonderful would THIS set look in your dream library?

If your dream library is located in a dank, dark dungeon where you plan out how to realize all of your many, many ambitions, then maybe you’d prefer this Slytherin set. The Slytherin books are, of course, silver and green and the design is more minimalistic. I can definitely picture Draco Malfoy thumbing through one of these on a lazy Sunday. 

It’s the Age of Hufflepuff, according to J.K. Rowling, so if you’re finally embracing your inner badger, then you’ll want to snag this yellow and black set. And yes, that’s a badger on every spine.

And last, but not least, let’s get a good look at the Ravenclaw set. They come in blue and bronze and are decorated with lovely stars and ravens. Considering the personality type Ravenclaw attracts, I suspect that this set will give the Gryffindor one a run for its money when it comes to which will sell out first.

But, even if you can’t afford to buy a brand new set of Harry Potter books right now, this is a great reminder to go back and re-read the series, especially because if you read the copies you have now so much that you wear them out, a new set becomes a need, not a want.

(Images via Warner Bros. and Juniper Books.)

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