This hidden “Harry Potter” book detail proves just how sneaky J.K. Rowling was

We could read and re-read every book in the Harry Potter series until the end of time and never find all the hidden chambers and secrets J.K. Rowling buried in her texts. Seriously – have you heard the one about how Rowling subtly — extremely subtly — foreshadowed Dumbledore’s death in book three, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? (Yeah. That happened.)

As for the latest hidden treasure, it comes courtesy of Reddit user sunshineallday, who discovered that Hermione saved Harry and Ron’s butts yet againwhen she stopped them from buying Baruffio’s Brain Elixir before their O.W.L exams in book five, The Order of the Phoenix.

Sunshineallday shared a photo of passages from The Sorcerer’s Stone (the first book in the series) and The Order of the Phoenix with the caption,

“It’s a good thing Hermione confiscated it before you could buy it, Harry.”

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The passages suggest that Hermione remembered what Professor Flitwick said about Wizard Baruffio back when she, Harry, and Ron were in their first year at Hogwarts, and wisely stopped the boys from drinking the less-than-stellar wizard’s “elixir” before it was too late.

You can thank her later, fellas.

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