There’s officially a “Harry Potter” cafe that serves literal Goblets of Fire … with booze

Between multiple Universal Studios Wizarding Worlds and the Cursed Child play in London, fans of The Boy Who Lived were already pretty spoiled when it comes to ways to live out our fandom fantasies. But now, thanks to a Singapore Harry Potter Cafe that serves literal Goblets of Fire, it’s time to call it: we are the luckiest diehards on Planet Earth.

Platform 1094, which gets its name from its 1094 Serangood Road address, serves dishes similar to meals featured in the Potter books and movies. But fans are really champing at the bit to try their gorgeous-looking Goblet of Fire — which is made from Bacardi rum infused with blue Curacao liqueur, and lights up when you sprinkle in some “magic powder” (cinnamon):

Also, since Platform 1094 knows it’s appealing to millennials, the restaurant provides props like witch hats and wands “so you can Instagram your magical experience.”

And the lucky fans who have already had a chance to visit are, of course, doing so.

While also sharing badass videos of their Goblet of Fire wizardry, of course.

Soup is also served in a cauldron, while dishes like the “bloodberry” dessert look like a witch’s brew.

And of course, the chairs are a shout-out to Harry’s Patronus, the stag.

Basically, Singapore just got added to our 2k17 travel wish list — though even if we do shell out the galleons for a plane ticket, we’ll be sure to make reservations in advance, as the cafe’s Facebook page makes it quite clear that they’re currently at Muggle capacty.

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