Definitive proof that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley were ALWAYS meant for each other

Until the end of time, we will be debating the relationships from Harry Potter, like how Ron and Hermione maybe weren’t supposed to end up together after all. But that’s a huge debate for another day, because right now it’s time to talk about Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.

Over the course of the books, we slowly start to see Harry develop feelings for Ginny, and as we know, the two do grow up, get married, have kids, the whole shebang. But even before Harry knew he was in love with Ginny, and even before we knew he was in love with Ginny, J.K. Rowling was planting little hints pointing us in that direction.

One Reddit user, nombono, noticed that Harry could smell Ginny’s scent in a love potion in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The love potion in question is Amortentia, and it is the “most powerful love potion in existence.” Though it’s made clear that it is impossible to actually create love, the drinker of the potion becomes obsessed with whoever created the potion. Also, Amortentia smells like the scent of things you find most attractive, and that’s what’s important here.

When the trio makes the potion in Professor Slughorn’s class, this is what happens to Harry:

Who’s he smelling? Ginny. Treacle tart, or treacle pudding, is his favorite dessert, and sometimes Mrs. Weasley would make it for Harry (with Ginny’s help); Ginny is a mighty fine Quidditch player; and the “something flowery?” Ginny.

It’s not until a few chapters later that Harry himself realizes that he’s attracted to Ginny. He sees her making out with Dean Thomas all over the Gryffindor Common Room, and figures out that the same smell from the Burrows and the love potion all point to Ginny.


Once again, even all these years later, we’re still discovering brand new mind-blowing things about Harry Potter. What kind of tiny little detail will turn up next?

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