This “Harry Potter” star had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role on “Game of Thrones”

There’s a new Harry Potter story out there in the world, and we are OBSESSED. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child started its preview run in London’s West End last week, and while we’re here to #KeepTheSecrets, we’re also here to freak out over what we’ve seen so far of the show before we’re lucky enough to see (or read) it ourselves.

It’s no surprise that we are madly in love with what we’ve seen of the cast so far, and let’s be real, the casting is spot on. The cast also looks a little bit familiar. Hmmm, didn’t we see young Scorpius Malfoy once brutally murdered on Game of Thrones? false

Oh why yes, yes we did.

Fine, TBH, it’s actually hard to recall that exact moment that Scorpius Malfoy — played by Anthony Boyle — showed up on Game of Thrones, but his IMDB says that he did. Time to look for ourselves. Good thing it’s really easy to pick a generic “Bolton Guard” out of the crowd!


Lucky for us, Boyle plays a pretty good Bolton Guard. He even gets some face time with Yara! “The Laws of Gods and Men” is Season 4, Episode 6, and it’s the one where Yara tries to rescue Theon from Dreadfort, but he’s already a pretty broken Reek. Boyle’s Bolton Guard is the one who discloses this information to Yara.


Don’t hold your breath for Boyle to ever pop up again. Yara promptly disposes of him.


But hey, not everyone* can say they were once killed off on Game of Thrones!

*JK, like a billion people can claim that.