This “Harry Potter” fan theory explains how Santa could be a wizard

It’s that time of year when pretty much everything revolves around Santa and the things he’s going to bring us (if we’re good, obvs). But our favorite Santa thing so far this season is this Harry Potter fan’s theory that Santa could actually be a wizard.

We’ve never actually considered that Santa could be a wizard, but you guys, it makes sense.

Reddit user TheSortingSombrero came up with the fan theory proving that old Saint Nick is most definitely a wizard in the world of Harry Potter. Let’s break it down:

Have you ever wondered how a guy who eats so many cookies can easily slide down a chimney and NEVER get stuck? Of course you have. Well, the answer is FLOO POWDER.

 And he manages to deliver presents to all the homes on Earth in one night by using a handy time turner.

Since he’s been doing the whole Santa Claus thing for a long time now, he must be pretty old. So clearly he uses the philosopher’s stone. But how does Santa make millions and millions of gifts so efficiently? He employs hundreds of house elves like Dobby.

 Out of all the homes he has visited over the years, someone had to accidentally get a peak of Santa doing his thing, right? Well, that’s fine. They wouldn’t remember anyway, because he probably either obliviates them or uses a muggle-repelling charm.

 Oh, and that red bag of his has an undetectable extension charm to fit all the gifts. He also probably has a magic flying sled like Beauxbatons’ carriage.

 And one last observation from TheSortingSombrero:

"His home on the North Pole has been made unplottable and has all kinds of magical protections that prevent people from finding it, just like Hogwarts. Why? Maybe he broke Clause 73 of the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy by performing magic so openly for millions of muggles. So he has to hide on the North Pole, which is technically in international waters."

So there you have it. Santa Claus is a wizard, and now life just makes so much more sense.

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