This “Harry Potter” fan theory may explain why Kreacher was such a grump

There are plenty of lovable characters in the Harry Potter series, but Kreacher the house-elf is not exactly one of them — at least, certainly not at first. After we are introduced to the adorable and selfless Dobby (may he rest in peace </3), Kreacher seems like the evilest of house-elf villains in comparison. However, one Harry Potter fan has got us thinking. . . maybe it’s not Kreacher’s fault that he was such a total grump.

Over the weekend, Redditor kaptinkracker posted a fascinating fan theory about Kreacher’s sullen behavior — and how it may be directly linked to one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes:

It’s an interesting idea, and it reminds us of the fan theory about the way the Dursleys treated Harry — because he ended up being a secret Horcrux. Will the mindblowing theories ever end? And if this particular theory is actually true, we can’t help but wonder. . .would Sirius have died if Kreacher wasn’t around the amulet? OK, BRB, sobbing.

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