At last! The “Harry Potter” eyeshadow kits are finally on sale!

Someone get us some Calming Draught because we may pass out from excitement. The Harry Potter eyeshadow palettes we’ve obsessed over are here.

The “Wizardry and Witchcraft”-themed palette by Storybook Cosmetics launches for pre-sale today. With 12 mesmerizing shades, the kit retails for $52 plus shipping. And that’s a pretty magical deal if you ask us.

This follows the release of Storybook’s whimsical magic wand makeup brushes, and the news that their eyeshadow palette may be transformed into lippies.

Seriously where is that Calming Draught?

The makeup-loving triplets Missy, Mandy and Erin Maynard are the masterful witches behind Storybook Cosmetics. And they first shared their bewitching eyeshadow kit in January.

Needless to say, we went bonkers for it then. Now that we know they palettes are officially on their way (or soon will be), we cannot contain our enthusiasm.

The kit looks adorable as an old storybook with a mirror inside the front cover. Palette colors range from a mystical blue “Merlin” hue to a matte black “Cauldron” befitting anyone practicing the Dark Arts.

Even muggles will enjoy all these gorgeous eyeshadow shades.

As you wait for your palettes to arrive, you can check out Storybook Cosmetics on IG for some serious Hermione-makeover-level inspiration.

In a recent post, the creators say they may post videos soon of them playing with the palette and answering any questions chic Potterheads may have about them.

Makeup managed!

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