These “Harry Potter” engagement rings will absolutely enchant you

Even if you’re already married or not remotely interested in marriage, these Harry Potter-themed engagement rings are sure to have you aching to use the accio charm.


It’s as expensive and luxe as it looks. It runs for $3,150+ on Etsy.


The ring is cheaper, starting at $675, if you go for it in House colors instead of diamond. FineJewelryByGrace on Etsy offers it in blue, yellow, red, and green.


It comes in all four house colors, naturally. The set goes for $2,195 on Etsy. You can also get the band solo starting at $575.


It even has the lightning bolt. Nothing says FOREVER LOVE like a lightning bolt scar. Except maybe Snape saying, “Always.” This one is cheaper, going for $699 on Etsy.


The Snitch is the key to winning a Quidditch match/every Harry Potter fan’s heart. Also $699 on Etsy.


So many Snitch rings, but yet still not enough Snitch rings. This one is a steal, starting at $99 on Etsy.


Casual cosplay every day. This ring goes for $200 on Etsy.


It’s not specifically made to reference Harry Potter, but any Potterhead would wear it proudly. It goes for $632 on Etsy.


This positively magical ring goes for about $447 on Etsy.


Because any ring is more magical when delivered via Golden Snitch.

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