This “Harry Potter” reader found a strong connection between the Dursleys and the Deathly Hallows

Are you sitting down? Because one Harry Potter fan just made a seriously smart discovery. It’s not so much a theory as it is an incredible observation — one that we can’t believe anybody has ever noticed until now! And it involves the Dursleys being closely tied to the Hallows.

Redditor iShootWithACamera noticed something interesting about the Christmas gifts the Dursleys send to Harry through the years. When we read about their gifts we usually gloss over them, because they’re quite depressing. I’d rather get nothing than a single, spiteful toothpick. Instead, it’s much more fun to focus on the gifts that Ron, Hermione and the Weasleys give him.


But let’s examine Harry’s Christmas gifts from the Dursleys. In his first year, they send him a fifty-pence piece. In his second year, they send him a toothpick. And in his fourth year, they send him a tissue. What do these gifts all have in common, besides being horribly depressing presents? They represent the Hallows. Whoa.

Just picture it: The fifty-pence piece represents the Resurrection Stone. The toothpick represents the Elder Wand. And the tissue represents the Invisibility Cloak. We have goose bumps!


“Could this be a coincidence? Maybe, but given the detail JKR put into the series, it wouldn’t surprise me that she planned this, if even subconsciously,” iShootWithACamera wrote on Reddit.

We’re inclined to agree. It seems like there are no accidents or coincidences in J.K. Rowling’s world—Harry Potter is a series of extremely intricate, well thought out details.


Then what about, you might ask, the Christmas gifts the Dursleys sent during Harry’s other years at Hogwarts? How do those fit into the theory? But iShootWithACamera is way ahead of you — the Dursleys didn’t send him gifts in the other years. They did give him socks for his birthday, but we’re pretty confident those have no magical significance (except for freeing Dobby, of course).

This is Harry Potter sleuthing at its finest. Now, we can only hope that this theory makes its way to J.K. Rowling so she can weigh in on Twitter.

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