A “Harry Potter” documentary is coming, and we’re ready to return to Hogwarts

Calling all Potterheads! The BBC has announced that there is going to be more Harry Potter content for us to enjoy. The network will release a documentary titled Harry Potter: A History of Magic. The documentary celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. And it also shares its name with a British Library exhibition opening on October 20th.

The documentary is sure to explore the wonderful world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. However, it’s not going to just stop there. It’s also going to explore the history of magic within our own world. Including artifacts about magical creatures. Like dragons, phoenixes, and other lore that shaped the Harry Potter universe. It seems like the focus will be on how our own magical world created seven books and eight movies. This deep insight is sure to make our inner Ravenclaws happy!

The documentary is supposed to focus on real history that influenced J.K. Rowling.

According to the BBC, the documentary also includes an interview with J.K. Rowling. And that’s not all.

There will also be "readings from famous fans [who] playfully recreate some of the best loved spells, potions, and magical moments from the series, exploring the origins of the world of Hogwarts, from basilisks through to broomsticks."

Furthermore, the British Library’s exhibition will include some one-of-a-kind Harry Potter artifacts. Including “original material from Bloomsbury’s and J.K. Rowling’s own archives.” It will also include centuries-old writings and “magical objects.”

The BBC will air the documentary sometime around the opening of the exhibition. But there is no official release date yet. And there is no word yet on when it will be shown on this side of the pond. In the meantime, we’ll ready our wands and cross our fingers.

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