A “Harry Potter” fan just picked up a super dark detail in the second book we never noticed

Leave it to Reddit to find the Harry Potter detail that knocks the air out of us. On Wednesday, a Reddit post pointed out that Harry Potter attended a Deathday Party on Oct. 31st, 1992. The date was the 500th anniversary of Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington’s death, as well as the 11th anniversary of James and Lily Potter’s deaths.


As Bustle notes, the books don’t directly address the shared deathday. However, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hagrid tells Harry that Voldemort “turned up in the village … on Halloween ten years ago.”

Redditor imapiekindaguy has some compassionate insight:

"We don't know if Harry really takes in this part of what Hagrid is saying; after all, he'd just had two fairly big shocks in being told he is a wizard and that his parents had been murdered."

So, Harry deserves a little empathy when you ask, “What in the Deathly Hallows is he thinking, going to a party on the anniversary of his parents’ death?” Maybe he hadn’t put the pieces together yet. Or maybe he had, and he just felt it appropriate?

Then again, the party is kind of low-key.

Kind of Halloween-y, but then that’s not really a big thing in the U.K.

Or, maybe Harry was unknowingly taking his place in legend. As Minerva McGonagall told Dumbledore, she “wouldn’t be surprised if [Oct. 31st] was known as Harry Potter Day in the future.”

Harry Potter theories: always making us think.

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