“Harry Potter” fans think the Dark Mark appears in this picture from space

NASA released an incredible picture of planetary nebula back in 2012, which shows the chaotic structure of the planetary-like star as it casts off it’s outer layers. Typically when a star like the sun is dying, it casts off its outer layers in simple shapes, but the shape of NGC 5189 is anything but simple.

In fact, according to Harry Potter fans, the shape looks like Voldemort’s Dark Mark. And they’re not totally wrong. The shape does look strangely similar to the Dark Mark tattoo of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. But considering NGC 5189 is 3,000 light years away from Earth, chances are it’s not actually an evil symbol floating through the depths of space.


Unless it is.

Voldemort and his fellow Death Eaters employ the Dark Mark in another form: a glowing skull/snake aurora-like animation cast into the skies after Death Eaters kill.


Harry Potter fans are all up in arms (tattooed arms) about the potential evil lurking through space. But it’s definitely unclear whether they’re nervous about the situation or just really, really excited that Harry Potter things might be coming to life — even if they are3,000 light years away.

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