JK Rowling will not stop tweeting amazingly cryptic Harry Potter clues

Thankfully, the Boy Who Lived continues to stick around. With world wide best selling books, movies that made billions of dollars and a brand new theme park at Universal studios, Harry Potter continues to find new life year after year. The brilliant mind behind Harry, JK Rowling, knows how much we love him, and thankfully has kept us entertained with more stories from the world of witchcraft. For any muggle who’s behind in their studies, let me bring you up to speed with what’s been happening at Hogwarts lately. Yes, the Harry Potter books have concluded, and so have the movies. But, Rowling has been hard at work on a screenplay based on a book in the Potter world — Fantastical Beat and Where To Find Them —along with another mysterious book. Is it about Harry? Is it Harry from Draco’s point of view? (Please please please) I like to think we’ve all been waiting very patiently for both of these project, and Rowling knows it. She took to Twitter last week to apologize for her prolonged absence because she is a very busy woman. One reader happened to reply to her, mentioning that her tweets are being over-analyzed for clues about her upcoming work. And Rowling, along with her wonderful sense of humor responded.

She tweeted a little bit later with what turned out to be an anagram:  

WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? Right now, your guess is as good as mine. Clearly, it’s rooted in magic because muggles aren’t allowed to have wands (though, I’ve inquired about it a few times). But who’s talking? What are they talking to? Thankfully, we can try and figure this out together, with the help of the Internet. The clever folks at Reddit have pointed out that the tweet could be an anagram: Newt Schamder and New York can both be found if you rearrange the letters, and both of those things directly relate to Fantastical Beasts. But this isn’t any sort of new information. Turns out we didn’t have to wait long for our new little clue. Just this morning, Rowling tweeted again with a little clarification:

Someone asked her if this is the start of the film. Her answer? “Warmer.” THEN SHE TWEETED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. YOU GUYS, she either loves us, or loves us so much she wants to mess with us:    

An example of something it doesn’t say: “I brung bick Harry. U gladd. Me go wurcke now. No speak.” — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) October 7, 2014

Okay, so that’s a little clarification but still not a whole lot. She’s been known to try to send us off the scene before (remember that whole time we thought the prophecy could possibly be about Neville and we spent years trying to figure it out. All for naught. Thanks, JK). My educated Harry Potter guess? You’ve stumped me. Potter fans are known for being clever, so I don’t think Rowling would come out and tell us the solution to her puzzle. We’ll be paying close attention to her Twitter over the next few days, in case she drops any more hints. And at this rate, she probably will. (Image via)

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