Professor Flitwick would totally approve of these “Harry Potter” charm bracelets

Potterheads, prepare to drop some galleons, because ThinkGeek has new Harry Potter house charm bracelets and individual charms that will make you believe in the magic of accessories. What sort of material mischief are we talking about here? Take a look at the Diagon Alley-worthy goods that would have Professor Flitwick — you know, the CHARMS teacher — handing out his highest marks, and Rita Skeeter dying to write you up in the Daily Prophet‘s style pages.

With that, happy shopping!

Lumos Gryffindor Charm Bracelet

Each bracelet sells for $49.99 and comes with three charms: the Sorting Hat, a Lumos butterfly, and each house’s respective crest. The Gryffindor one, in the name of “daring and nerve” (and, hello, “jewelry”) will make any Gryffindor the hit of Hogwarts!


Lumos Slytherin Charm Bracelet

Anyone in this house will want to slither on over to checkout to purchase this trinket celebrating “resourcefulness and ambition.”


Lumos Ravenclaw Charm Bracelet

Be the envy of Cho Chang in this ~charmer~ honoring “intelligence and creativity.” (And note, the crest here is the movie version.)


Lumos Hufflepuff Charm Bracelet

Hey, Hufflepuffs! You know you want to conjure up a little bling to show off your “dedication and patience.”


But, wait…there’s more!

If three charms aren’t enough, tap into your inner Malfoy and get more, more more! There’s plenty to choose from, like the below — each for $19.99.

Hogwarts Express

Arrive to school in style! And hey, at least you’ll look fantastically fashionable if you don’t get the best grade on your O.W.L.


Time Turner

Because, you can be like Hermione and posses the power to TURN. BACK. TIME.


Triwizard Cup

You’ll feel like a Triwizard champion…and look Yule Ball ready!


You don’t even have to feel bad about putting your galleons through the ringer, because a portion of the proceeds to the above goes to J.K. Rowling’s non-profit, Lumos Foundation. Also, the items listed are just the tip of the castle, so check out the other wondrous wizarding goods, here. With that, you know what to do…accio wallet!

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