‘Harry Potter’ fans everywhere will be saying “lumos” to these magical candles

Mudbloods and magical folk alike, listen up! Have you got a fave character from the Harry Potter series? (The answer: of COURSE you do because it’s impossible not to get sucked into at least a mild obsession with that world). Think about your favorite character. Picture that character. Got a good mental image of them? Good. Now, prepare to get your wizard on and say “lumos” to these incredible candles.

Mud In My Blood is a perfectly Potter-themed store that sells candles inspired by the characters of J.K. Rowling’s beloved series. And no, we don’t mean that it’s just a candle with a character’s name slapped on it; the candles are hand-poured and comprised of essences of each character (if you’re thinking about wand cores right now, you are so, so not alone). And the ingredients the muggles (or secret wizards) over at Mud In My Blood have chosen are pretty brilliant, IMHO. For example, 10 points to Gryffindor for anyone who recognizes these references straight off the bat:

And it’s super super cute that Harry and Ginny both have “a flowery something,” because they were *~*meant 2 be*~*:

The online store is closed right now, as the creator is getting married soon. (Hooray for her! Boo for us.) Unfortunately, that means she doesn’t have any time to keep up with product demand (which, as you might imagine, is pretty high). But you can like the Mud In My Blood Facebook page to stay posted on when these bad boys will be available for sale again! But for now, look at the amazingness of the rest of these candles. For example…

Step 1: Look at the third ingredient in Snape’s candle. Step 2: try hard not to cry.

Of course, Ron’s ingredients would involve edible substances. . . and, ginger, naturally.

All of these ingredients are so spot on, we can’t help but wonder how despicable this one smells:

Dragon fire? What does THAT smell like? (Either way, we’re pretty happy Hagrid’s bad cologne in Goblet wasn’t included.)

As nasty as No-Nose is, all of these smells sound so lovely. Dark forest? Yes, please. And Hogwarts halls probably smell the way a great dream feels.

Who knew the smell of lemon drops could make you SOB UNCONTROLLABLY. Rest in peace, Albus.

But perhaps the best candle of them all…

“Badass cardigan.” LOL. Thanks to the creator of these amazing candles, and you can bet I’ll be buying one for each room of my apartment!

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