These new ‘Harry Potter’ book covers will make you want to reread the books immediately

As if we needed another excuse to eschew our responsibilities and snuggle up with the Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling’s iconic series comes in all shapes and sizes — books, movies, and now these beautifully designed eBooks, which premiered on Pottermore yesterday. Designed by graphic designer Olly Moss, the covers take a wonderfully modern, minimalistic but extremely artistic approach to the books, and we need all of them.

This isn’t Moss’s first time at the rodeo. His other work includes movie posters for Thor and the upcomingStar Wars: The Force Awakens. Although, we have to admit, these covers are probably our favorites.

That’s likely because Moss is such a big Potterhead. His love of the books combined with his amazing talent could only produce something this awesome.

“Harry Potter has always been my favorite. I skipped Philosopher’s Stone because I was being a weird snob about it — I was 10,” he explained. “Then by the time Prisoner of Azkaban was out, I remember my mum saying I should read them. We were going on holiday and she bought Azkaban for me, but she got me the adult covers of the first two novels because I was still being a snob.”

Being a snob comes in handy when you’re a designer, and Harry Potter deserves nothing less than perfection when it comes to its covers. While the original British designs by artist Mary GrandPré will always be in our hearts, we think Moss’s work is a perfect interpretation of these historic books in this new, digital age.

(Image via Twitter.)

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