Warning: This “Harry Potter” behind-the-scenes photo removes some of the magic of Hogwarts

The Hogwarts library was a pretty big deal for all of Harry Potter’s adventures and no one loved the library more than Hermione Granger. However, get ready to feel betrayed by Hogwarts’ biggest reader, since this behind-the-scenes photo from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince shows just how not magical the Hogwarts library was in real life.

Many an important scene took place in the Hogwarts library over the years. It’s where Hermione, Ron, and Harry learned about the Sorcerer’s Stone in the first movie. And in The Half-Blood Prince, Harry and Hermione had the all-important conversation about who they were taking to the Slug Club Christmas party.

This library scene is one of the funniest of the entire Harry Potter series since it deals with a jealous Hermione and a cocky Harry.


However, if you look past their amusing dialogue and pay attention to Hermione putting her library books back, you can see they are magically being put back into place. Oh, the magic of Hogwarts!

Except this photo posted on imgur shows how that magic happened and it’s not for those who want to keep the mystery of Harry Potter alive in your mind forever. As shown below, you can see green-screen hands taking the books from Emma Watson. Yup, it was just a bunch of adults snatching books from Watson that was then changed with special effects.

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Honestly, it’s pretty amazing that Watson could stay focused on her funny dialogue with Daniel Radcliffe while these green hands were creeping.

While we *of course* know there is no real magic like there is at Hogwarts, we can’t say this didn’t hurt us a bit to see. So, can Hermione please use an obliviate spell on us to erase our memory of this pic??

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