“Harry Potter” fans imagined an alternate reality for the wizard after his parents died, and it actually makes a lot of sense

It’s been 20 years since the first Harry Potter book came out — wow, feeling old yet? Over the last two decades, fans of the series have had endless resources to relive the wizarding world that J.K. Rowling created. Movies, theme parks, a Broadway play and the absolute blessing that is Pottermore are just the start.

There’s magic-inspired makeup and jewelry. There is going to be a Harry Potter-themed escape room in Michigan and a Kickstarter will soon launch to make a magical pub in London.

One of the best ways though that fans keep the magic alive are fan theories (like this one about Voldemort, or this one about Snape).

One theory recently hit Reddit that questions whether Harry Potter’s godfather Sirius Black should have taken care of him after his parents were killed by Voldemort — instead of Hagrid taking him to his aunt and uncles’ under Dumbledore’s orders. 

Reddit user InquisitorCOC shared a screenshot from the Tumblr blogginghaley that suggests the alternate storyline.

Warning, btw, a little NSFW language:https://blogginghaley.tumblr.com/post/134720171159/hagrid-right-so-i-dont-have-the-baby-but-hes

The proposed scene has Hagrid returning to Dumbledore without Harry Potter.

So what if Harry Potter had grown up with Sirius? Reddit was quick to share all the feelings about this theory. 

Sirius was Harry’s legal guardian after all and he loved Harry. He likely wouldn’t have forced Harry to live in a closet beneath the stairs. Sirius also may not have been framed by Peter Pettigrew, resulting in him never going to Azkaban.

Fun times right? Well, maybe not.

Many agreed the alternate beginning would have been great, but most felt Sirius was right to give Harry over to Hagrid.

"He sincerely was not in the best position to be taking Harry in at 22 years old," wrote ohgeorge. "Especially because he likely would've murdered Peter anyway if Peter hadn't faked the explosion."

Besides, if Sirius had raised Harry, would The Boy Who Lived be humble and kind? Or would he have an ego, knowing the legend he was to the wizarding world?

After all, Sirius and James had a reputation for being a little arrogant. Would a Sirius-raised Harry have sought out the overlooked Ron and ostracized Hermione as friends? Or might he have been more attracted to Draco’s offer in the first book to meet all the “right” people?

We’ll take Ron and Hermione over Draco any day, thank you very much.

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