Dobby would totally approve of this “Harry Potter” advent calendar filled with socks

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everybody everywhere: there’s a Harry Potter-themed advent calendar filled with socks. We literally couldn’t ask for anything more to bring us holiday cheer. Since the books and movies always cover some holiday ground, there’s something about the Harry Potter series that feels quite festive, in addition to the fact that, y’know, our whole lives and values are built upon it. So this is like, the most exciting thing we could ever think to buy.

The set includes 12 different Harry Potter-themed socks for only $15, and they’re packaged inside the most adorable book we’ve ever seen.

We’re not sure, but we think this is what Dumbledore was talking about when he said he saw himself with socks in the Mirror of Erised. Because now that we know this exists, we’re fairly certain if we were put in front of the Mirror, we’d see ourselves with this set of Harry Potter socks.

If you weren’t looking forward to the holidays already, this would certainly do it. It’s always hard counting down to Christmas — food, drinks, time off, family, friends, what more could you ask for? — because we get so impatient. But knowing that we’ve got Harry Potter socks waiting for us every morning leading up to it…well, that would totally make it easier.

And just check out the adorable packaging!


Have we said adorable? Because it’s ADORABLE.


And obvs, we want every single pair of these socks.

We’re not saying we already have a considerable collection of Harry Potter paraphernalia, but if we did, these would fit in perfectly.


If we haven’t made it clear, we have to go now — to Target, immediately — to get the advent calendar of our dreams.

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