This ‘Harry Potter’ actress grew up to be a hilarious cartoonist

Up for checking in with another Hogwarts alumni? This time, it’s Jessie Cave, who played Lavender Brown from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and onwards — and yes, she ‘s the one who got to snog Ron Weasley a little bit. But, that’s not why we’re excited to catch up with her today. Cave continues to act here and there, but she has also become a pretty impressive cartoonist and her work is Hilarious, with a capitol H. Just wait till you see it.

As Cave explains to The Independent, she started doodling during the long breaks between takes filming Harry Potter. Once that wrapped, she kept doodling, pushing herself to complete one drawing a day. “If I’ve done nothing else, if I’ve not gone to the gym, not had an audition, not accomplished anything, at least I’ve done a drawing,” she says, “Last year I did 350 drawings out of 365 but this year I am doing 365 unless I die.” And it’s that same brutal honesty that translates into her cartoons.

“I felt like [drawing] was way of getting out those feelings of rejection and unrequited love,” she explains, and that’s crystal clear when you see the doodles. Her drawings and captions are like that little voice in the back of your head, saying exactly what you want to say, but would really never say out loud. They speak the truth, and are incredibly relateable to not just relationships, but life in general.

At first, she was just posting them to her website and Instagram, but now, after so many drawings, they’ve become a book: Lovesick. And according to the book, it’s all “inspired by young female angst and worry.” Hey, what comes out of those feelings are cartoon we can get behind.

You can check out way more of Cave’s work on her Instagram (which is also full of pictures of her adorable toddler son), her Twitter, her website, or — last one, promise — the brand new Lovesick. Buy it for yourself, your best friends, your sister, your mom, everyone. Cave’s only speaking female truths.

(Images via Warner Bros. and Jessie Cave.)

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