Someone recut “Harry Potter” as a ’90s teen movie and it WORKS

It’s hard imagine making a movie like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince any better.

And, while YouTube user Thewlis Rox may have not made the movie itself any better (an impossible feat), he sure has used his imagination to recut a trailer for it as a ’90s teen movie that spins it in a completely new and thoroughly entertaining light.

Our enjoyment of the video delightfully surprised us, She’s All That-style.


Focusing on the love triangles, light-hearted moments between the magical crew, and the sports and school activities, while basically leaving all the He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named darkness and fighting, Rox makes a convincing and funny trailer for a perfect teenage Rom-Com.

May we suggest renaming it Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Freddie Prinze, Jr.?


I’m won’t lie. I’m pretty proud of that one.

Take a look a the trailer yourself and get ready to think of Harry Potter in a whole new “lumos maxima.”

(Images via Warner Bros. Pictures, FilmColony/Tumblr, FOX/Tumblr)

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