“Harry Potter” turns *20* this month, and celebrate by buying these gorgeous anniversary editions

Here’s an anniversary that’s hard to believe: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone turns 20 this month (!!!). Not that we NEED to twist your arm, but we found pretty much the perfect incentive to revisit the series’ epic first book.

That incentive being Bloomsbury is releasing special-edition copies of Sorcerer’s Stone.

They come in a couple different styles and celebrate the four houses, and each and every one is seriously gorgeous. 

Here’s one for all of y’all loyal, kind-hearted Hufflepuffs.


Clever, studious Ravenclaws.


Brave, bold Gryffindors.


And mischievous, fickle Slytherins.


Levi Pinfold, the illustrator behind the new covers, took his task very seriously, explaining that he didn’t want to let down any Potterheads.

"Harry Potter means a lot to so many people, so it comes with a responsibility," he told Pottermore. "I could tell my family were thinking, ‘What, you?  The kid that wouldn’t wipe his nose and was scared of mud?’ My fiancée said: 'Awesome.' Which it was!"

We could not appreciate the attention to detail more, Levi! Now, we’re off to buy ALL the books, because what better way to celebrate Harry’s happee birthdae?

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