Harrison Ford just released a statement about Carrie Fisher, and we’re not crying, YOU’RE CRYING

Yesterday, as news of Carrie Fisher’s sudden, and intense, heart attack began to spread, literally THOUSANDS (maybe millions) of people took to the internet to send her so much love. Her Star Wars family (both Skywalker and extended) began tweeting their unconditional love for the OG space princess, but there was one person missing from this: Han Solo — but that’s only because he doesn’t have a Twitter. Now, the social-media-free Harrison Ford has just released a statement about Carrie Fisher, and hold on, we’re going to need a few moments here.

Harrison’s statement — which comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter — is short and sweet, as we know Harrison likes it. It’s a touching comment, and we can almost *hear* Harrison saying it aloud:

In case you’re new to the whole Carrie-Harrison relationship, the two have known each other for 40 years ever since they first starred in the original Star Wars together. Since then, the two have remained close (and that’s even after it came to light that they had an affair during filming for A New Hope), and have nothing but respect and admiration for the other.

And when it comes to Carrie, she never holds back when there’s an opportunity to poke fun at Harrison. Just last year when he was involved in a plane crash (omg why are we not doing more to PROTECT THE OG STAR WARS HEROES?), Carrie released the most-Carrie statement:

“[Harrison], I know you have incredible bounce back, please take a bounce break for awhile. Can I drive next time? She told People.

Now going along with the most-Harrison statement, all of this is so perfect, and so sweet. Everything they do for the other just makes us love this 40+ year friendship between Han and Leia even more.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on Carrie’s current condition.