Harrison Ford has finally commented on his affair with Carrie Fisher, and gave the *most* Harrison Ford answer

Last year, there were two major Star Wars events that left fans of the saga reeling. One was, undoubtedly, the untimely death of the late, great legend Carrie Fisher, who suddenly passed away following a cardiac event on an airplane. The second event, one that took place just a few months before her death, was when Fisher dropped a major bombshell on the world: While filming Star Wars in the ’70s, she and Harrison Ford had an on-set affair.

The news of the affair came as a shock since, well, it hadn’t been publicized for 40 years. Fisher happened to find some old diaries she had kept while filming Star Wars, and turned those into her latest (and sadly, last) memoir, The Princess Diarist. In it, she describes how she and Ford — for lack of a better expression — hooked up. Nothing ever came of their relationship, as it fizzled out as soon as the movie was done. There’s only one woman in the world who could just drop information about an affair 40 years later, and leave everyone shook — and that woman was Carrie Fisher.

At the time, Ford made no sort of formal comment. Now, almost a year since The Princess Diarist was published, Ford has finally commented on their relationship. Unfortunately for us, he’s done it in the most Harrison Ford way ever, which is basically by giving a non-answer.

In an new interview with GQ, Ford is directly asked about the affair. When asked if it was “strange” for him to have Fisher recount their time together, Ford responds with:

“It was strange. For me.

When asked if he had any advance warning Fisher was going publish, Ford explains:

"Um, to a degree. Yes.

And finally, when asked if he wishes it hadn’t been written, and if he’d like to answer that question, Ford just goes:


No, as in, YES you can ask the question, but NO, he’s not going to answer your question. In case you hadn’t already gathered, Ford is a man of few words. More than likely, this quick exchange is the most we’re ever going to get out of him when it comes to Fisher, and maybe that’s for the best. Don’t you kinda just want to live your life via what Carrie has to say, anyway?