New music obsession: Haroula Rose and her gorgeous, cinematic “Songbird” video

Haroula Rose is a singer and songwriter from LA, and if you haven’t heard of her yet, you’re about to. To date, she has released an impressive catalogue of haunting, beautiful music, including two LPs, an EP, and several singles, and her forthcoming album Here The Blue River promises to be an instant favorite among them.

She came to HelloGiggles to exclusively release the video for “Songbird,” the opening track and first single from Here The Blue River, and told us a little about the process she went through while creating our new fave song:

Though she’s singing about a songbird, the song is about the listeners, as well as the singer herself. The video plays more like a mini-film than it does a music video and is largely comprised of aerial shots of people on their backs, symbolically staring up at the sky.

It’s relatable for many reasons, paramount among those reasons being that we’ve all spent a good amount of time wondering about the interior lives of others; about their emotional health and safety, and about our own. It’s all a gorgeous comment on how our emotional lives are intertwined with those around us, even people we don’t know. We are not so different after all, even if we appear to be leading different lives.

Check out the video for “Songbird” below, and keep an eye out for Here The Blue River, out March 25th by Thirty Tigers Records.

You can download “Songbird” and other Haroula Rose jams on iTunes.

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