Harley Quinn is getting her own TV series — and Margot Robbie *might* be in it

Who needs the Joker? Harley Quinn is moving on, and moving up the DC Comics ranks with her very own animated series, and it’s about time. DC’s planned standalone digital service has ordered 26 episodes of Harley Quinn’s adventures and we’re not sure if we can wait until 2018 for the twisted toon to kick off — especially if our girl Margot Robbie signs on to voice our favorite villainess.

We’ve certainly got our fingers crossed that Robbie will take her neon-pig-tailed take on Harley Quinn to the small screen.

Rumor has it the show’s creators plan to approach the actress for the gig. And honestly, the showrunners would be crazy not to reach out to Robbie for the role: Margot stole the show in Suicide Squad and with her own standalone live-action movie in the works, landing her talents would definitely start the series off on the right lace-up-booted foot. But there’s been no word on whether she’s even got time to add the show to her schedule (the I, Tonya press alone is probably keeping her pretty busy).

Harley Quinn’s series, which Deadline announced, will be the third show set to debut on the DC digital platform, along with a Young Justice reboot and the live-action Titans. Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars-centric streaming service is also on the horizon, so us fangirls have a lot of action-packed binging to look forward to.

The show will reportedly pick up after Harley breaks things off with the Joker and follow our anti-heroine as she goes for criminal “queenpin” status. Poison Ivy and other DC heroes and villains are also set to be featured in the series. For our part, we’re hoping Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are just the start, and that we’ll see a fierce DC female dream team.

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