Kevin Smith’s daughter, Harley Quinn, rocked epic Princess Leia buns to the “Rogue One” premiere

We know, we know. There’s a lot of awesomeness in that sentence, so let’s slow down and break it into pieces so we don’t overwhelm you. Kevin Smith has a daughter named Harley Quinn. Some celebrities give their children names that make us go “huh?” and some celebrities are Kevin Smith, who gives his daughter a name that, like, makes us feel like she’s ready to fight crime or something. Okay. Harley attended the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premiere, and she wore Princess Leia-inspired buns. It’s almost too much, frankly.

At a star-studded screening of Rogue One, Harley Quinn married some of our favorite bits of geekery, simply by virtue of her amazing name. And the lewk is just as epic.


Her black jumpsuit has some killer cutouts, and she accessorized with some demure silver jewelry, which didn’t detract from the PRINCESS LEIA BUNS, which are def our favorite part. Plus, the uber cool blue lipstick. We def found the next celeb to covet as our future BFF.


Since she’s attending a Star Wars premiere, her look wasn’t just totally rad and on point, it was sooooo appropriate for the event, and we love it a little too much. Seriously, we love it so much it’s a little weird. (Not that weird, though, Harley, in case you want to take us up on that BFF pitch.)

We’re also super amped because Kevin Smith shared his thoughts post-screening, and it sounds like Rogue One is going to make us nearly as happy as his daughter’s stylistic choices.


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