These dudes just found out just how hard it is to eat while pregnant

No one ever said being pregnant was easy: There’s the weight gain, the stress, the fatigue, the hormonal changes. But one of the aspects that people don’t talk about as often is the major dietary changes most women must undertake to ensure a healthy pregnancy for both mom and baby, and it’s time for that info to get out there.

The folks over at BuzzFeed decided to put four men to the test to see whether they could stick to a pregnant woman’s strict diet, which includes obvious restrictions, like no alcohol and no fish high in mercury as well as no deli meats, hotdogs, smoked seafood (or seafood in general), soft cheeses, no unpasteurized milk/juice, no raw meat or eggs, and no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day. Plus, they also had to add foods high in protein, iron, calcium, folic acid, and finish off with a ton of water.

Let’s just say it’s awesome that these guys were willing to give this a shot in the first place, despite the daunting list of rules. “I need coffee though,” one of the participants, Tyler, insisted right off the bat.

“I’ve never done a diet where I couldn’t eat certain things,” Tyler added, while perplexed by what to order at a drive-thru on day one. “So, I just don’t know what I can eat.”  

How did they guys fare? Well, not perfectly. Many of them could not handle the “no drinking” rule for more than a few days. Others added in quite a few foods that technically fit the rules but weren’t the healthiest choices, like pepperoni pizza.

Eventually, the men spoke with a obstetrician and gynecologist who encouraged the men to eat diets built around whole foods in order to adhere to their strict new diet, but ultimately, their success was moderate at best.

Watch the whole eye-opening and hilarious clip below:

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