Happy World Cat Day: Behold, the 14 Most Photogenic Cats on the Internet

It’s World Cat Day, which means it’s time to honor the animals who make our lives so meaningful. I’m talking about Internet cats—the really, really photogenic ones. Let’s be clear: Not every cat has what it takes to be a SENSATION. Just because a cat has his picture taken and uploads it with his cat paws to the Internet, it doesn’t mean he’ll be one of the chosen ones who really stand out from the massive, swelling crowd of Internet cats. Look, all kittens are adorable. That’s a given. But some members of the feline community were born for the camera. When that flash goes off, their personalities shine, their eyes captivate, or maybe they just have funny ears and that’s really freaking cute.

Regardless, here are a bunch of cats that make us want to live!

1. Smiley Cat #1: This cat understands that when someone holds a camera to his face, the right reaction is joy.

2. and 3. Bath Cats: I would like to Honey-I-shrunk-myself so I could nose-dive into this cat pool. Also, note the nail clippers and true crime novel. These guys had a long day.

4. Smiley Cat #2: Oh hi! You want your picture taken? OK.

5. Winking cat: This is the face of a cat who just totally f*cked with you, but was only kidding around, OK?

6. Granny Cat: Oh dear, someone is just pleased as punch that you’ve decided to snap her photo. You must send her a copy when you have it developed.

7. Where-is-his-face Cat: You probably recognize this guy from EVERYWHERE. He is the Internet’s favorite way to art a “10 Reasons to Be Happy” article. And with good reason. He is basically just fur with slits. I don’t know about you, but that makes me happy.

8 & 9. Flat-eared Cats: These were the funny ears I was talking about. Amazing, right? Don’t mind the shoe covered in weird fauna and cat statuettes. Actually try to forget you ever saw it.

10: Male Manic Pixie Cat: Let’s hear it for this hipster cat who makes wearing a beanie look kind of ethereal. Human men, pay attention


11: Glasses Cat: He makes this list because he put up with wearing over-sized glasses for more than a millisecond.

12. Billy Idol Cat: Beneath that pink nose and those troll ears is a punk rock god.

13. Actress Cat: This cat joins the ranks of the most photogenic because look at her. She’s like the Helen Mirren of fuzzy things. She can convey melancholy, and a rich understanding of life’s injustices with one weighty stare. Oh yeah, and there’s a dog.

14. The Cat Who Didn’t Want His Picture Taken: It’s not a photogenic cat list without flower-pot-Oh-Brother cat. This guy didn’t even want his picture taken (probably for the millionth time) and he still pulled off a glamour shot. Sorry kid, but you’re just asking for your own calendar.

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