Just a bunch of dogs playing in the snow, because blizzard

To our friends in the Northeast, we’re thinking of you. From D.C. all the way up to New England, there’s a huge snowstorm — Snowstorm Jonas, no relation to the brothers – hitting pretty hard. Some areas are expected to get as much as two feet of snow!

While you might not be happy about this (or maybe you’re in a warm weather climate and are like, “what snow?”), take a few moments to check out those who are happy about this snowstorm. Namely, the dogs of #Blizzard2016.

Because, if you hadn’t noticed, dogs love playing in the snow. 

Or, at least most dogs love playing in the snow. 

Everyone loves a snowy dog face. LOOK AT THESE PUPPY FACES. 

May you one day be as happy as this dog frolicking in the snow.

Stay safe out there in the snow, friends.

(Images via Instagram)