Happy Sadie Hawkins Day!


When I think of Sadie Hawkins Day, my first thought goes to that awkward junior high dance when the tables were turned. No longer would you wait around impatiently to see if your crush would ask you out. It was the Sadie Hawkins Dance. This was your time to step up and ask that cute boy to go with you to the dance. That is, if you could gain the courage. When I look back, I remember being stood up. Needless to say, my most positive memories of Sadie Hawkins dances were dancing with my best friends. And wearing overalls, braids, and lots of gingham.

Sadie Hawkins Day originated from a cartoon! Which is probably also where the idea for Sadie Hawkins dances began. The cartoon was Al Capp’s ‘Lil Abner of the 1930s, and the premise consisted of the mayor of Dogpatch trying in desperation to marry off his unattractive daughter. The mayor created Sadie Hawkins Day, on which a race was held. In this race, all the single men were given a bit of a head start, and then the single women were released to chase the guys. The prize for catching a man during the race? You got it, girl. Catch a man and he’s yours! ‘Til death do you part. He’s gotta marry you now! Mwahahaha.

During the course of Al Capp’s long running cartoon, Sadie Hawkins Day races and events were pretty popular. Though I’m guessing that “winners” didn’t actually get to marry their catch.

How to Celebrate

Ask someone out on a date! Call me old fashioned, but personally, I prefer to be asked out on dates. I know a lot of my friends feel the same way. It’s nice to be pursued by a guy, what can I say?! But in honor of the day, the roles are reversed. Today is an excuse to do the asking. If you are having flashbacks to junior high rejection, just ask a friend out for a casual dinner.

Quotes “The Sadie Hawkins Dance, In my khaki pants There’s nothin’ better. Oh, oh, oh

The girls ask the guys, It’s always a surprise There’s nothin’ better. Baby do you like my sweater?”

Sadie Hawkins Dance, Relient K

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