Happy Place is the Los Angeles pop-up that’s about to crash your Instagram feed

Unfortunately, there is a lot to be sad about during this period of history, which is why the creators of “Happy Place” decided to take action. Happy Place is an interactive pop-up experience dedicated to turning frowns upside down. And by the looks of it, no one will leave the museum feeling anything less than exhilarated.

The experience, located in downtown Los Angeles, will take up 20,000 square feet of space and will include: "larger than life size installations, multi-sensory immersive rooms, and dozens of moments curated to Capture Your Happy," the press release states.

When visitors arrive at Happy Place, they’ll be greeted by a cheery yellow exterior. Inside, 13 rooms have been set up and dedicated to all things happy. One room is solely filled with candy, including a pair of 7-foot tall high heels plastered with over 1 million sweets.

Another room is decorated with the works of artist Steven Harrington. His sculptures sprout from the walls and floors inside the Paradise Room. And the world’s largest Confetti Dome in another room will give visitors the chance to dance amongst half a million pieces of confetti.

It all sounds like some bizarre and brilliant dream come true, and honestly, that’s exactly what it is.

Happy Place founder, Jared Paul, stated via the press release,

"I want to live and raise my children in a world surrounded by what makes us happy. With the amount of unfortunate events happening recently, I believe that our world as a whole can use more happiness. To make this dream come true, we set out on a journey to create a special place filled with smiles and laughter for all."

As of today, American Express cardholders can buy pre-sale tickets to Happy Place via the pop-up’s website. General admission tickets will be available for purchase on November 6th.

The doors to Happy Place will officially open November 20th.

It’s time to Capture Your Happy, Los Angeles! Happy Place will seriously make your life one million times brighter.

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